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The Right Insurance For Your Holiday Home in Italy

Hello everybody! First of all you must consider that the current Italian legislation does not require insurance to be taken out for a private home or a rented apartment although if you have a mortgage, your lender will require you to have building insurance. This means that the owner him or herself decides if they want to run the risk of fire, water, gas or weather damage without taking out an insurance policy.


So…for your property in Italy you have two choices!


The first possibility is to insure your property in Italy with a specialised company in your homeland. The advantage is to have a policy written in your native language so it is easy to understand all documents, handle claims in your own language and you may also be more likely to be paid earlier.

The second option is to purchase a policy with an Italian insurer. It is suggested to choose this option only if you have a good understanding of the Italian language and are able to read correctly all the wording of an insurance document.


Italian companies tend to be cheaper but don’t cover earthquakes damage because it is the Italian Government that would pay out in the case of a claim. However, the length of time and the paucity of the payments involved in getting resolution in that case is such that it is worth simply attempting to avoid earthquake zones when purchasing.


It is always advisable to consult a leading, internationally known insurance company, which is also represented in your native country.


Household insurance generally constitutes a multi-risk policy for building and contents, although some companies require separate policies for fire and theft and for liability and others offer fire and damage with an extra premium for theft and liability.

Please also note that Premiums are generally higher for holiday homes due to their high vulnerability (particularly to burglaries) and are usually based on the number of days per year a property is inhabited and the interval between periods of occupancy.