Seaview Villa for sale in Punta Ala | Castiglione della Pescaia | Tuscany

Sea €3.500.000 /€
Area (M 2)
An ultra-modern villa by the seaside, Villa Punta Ala is a stunning piece of real estate with access to a private swimming pool and an exclusive beach.
The home was constructed as part of a new housing project, with a focus on the installation of energy-saving features. There are new ways to expend renewable energy and alternative power methods to keep the home accessible while reducing the costs of monthly usage bills.
A beautiful pool is available with this villa, built on one side with a clear view of the sea. The surrounding property sports a large courtyard and a lush garden, with a path leading down to a private area of the beach.
The property has 8 rooms and is still under construction for additional high-end and energy-saving features.