About Us

Italian Prestige Houses is a professional organization that serves as an intermediary between those high-end estates looking for the right “window” to represent them adequately. We cover all aspects of residential properties, including mansions, castles, and villas located near our pristine sea, mountains, romantic getaways, and green hills in the countryside, as well as the center of our breathtaking art city.

The increasing number of potential buyers and owners dealing with these stunning places has subsequently led to the demand for professional and reliable interlocutors. The men and women involved in the management of Italian Prestige Houses have sound principles and high professionalism, which are geared towards providing maximum privacy, transparency, and professionalism to the parties interested in real estate transactions. These are, in fact, the fundamentals of dealing with luxury property.

We have developed important ties with investors in the international real estate field and made our mark in the most significant national and global trade fairs. We offer oriented marketing campaigns with image and video photography, sharing in MLS PRESTIGE, and advertising on local and international paper carriers. This combination will ensure that your proposal reaches potential customers and investors working in both emerging markets and established economies.

Our Services

Web Site

You can view all the properties through our site, which also serves as a venue for communication to raise awareness of the various products and services we offer. Through powerfully skilled Search Engine Optimization, the site allows us to connect with the international market, offering an unlimited visibility thanks to the translation of its content into the four most popular languages in the business world: Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and of course, English. Ultimately, the aim of our website is to make it a meeting point for all international participants in the real estate, especially for real Italian prestige.


Our company is looking to invest in a magazine that will be dedicated to advertising your luxury property in a more conventional, but still effective form. The magazine will sell your property and also act as a link for professionals and companies involved in the “Luxury” Italian market.

Advertising Campaigns

In a recent study by Deloitte titled “Luxury Consumption among European High Earners 2016” comparing over one thousand European high-income consumers, it appears that more people still prefer traditional marketing channels – for example magazines – over other mediums. Surprisingly, the results showed that only 45 percent of the participants search the information online.

The Millenials, who are the new consumers and primary users of the modern technologies, are more inclined towards the internet. In fact, 58 percent of this group searches for luxury products online while 31 percent take advantage of social media to find promotions and discounts.

To this end, the press is still a vital strategy for engaging those who are looking for prestige properties. The Italian Prestige Houses recognizes this and frequently endorses advertising campaigns on international periodicals, magazines, and Italian newspapers focused on real estate or designed for a high-income target. The potential of our collaborations with both national and international newsrooms allows us to personalize the advertising policy of individual properties depending on specific customer requirements.


We are always looking to build personal ties with potential buyers and create relationships with foreign clients. This motivation encourages us to participate in the most significant real estate exhibitions, including the NEW YORK GLOBAL PROPERTY MARKET, the CITYESCAPE Doha, A PLACE IN THE SUN London, and MPIRES Moscow. After the Köpa Hus Utomlands of Stockholm we’ll stand in London at The Luxury Property Show and Shanghai will be our flagship.


Developing joint ventures and partnerships with other companies has allowed us to establish a web of services that guarantees adequate support in each aspect of our sale. In addition, it provides us access to other countries that are particularly interesting when it comes to luxury real estate.